Slit House

  This house is made "only" by the slits. There is no window. A wall 105m in length with 60 slits 
  surrounds the site and realizes the architectural space in this narrow and long site. 
  No other architecture has ever been realized by such a method.
  This conceptual sculpturing by the slits is poles apart from glass-heavy contemporary architecture. 
  This method with the slits is our challenge to "window". 
  This challenge is an experiment to innovate a design method of architecture. 
  The concept to compose the architecture just by the slits directly figures this architecture. 
  This simple method distinguishes the outline of the entire figure and abstracts the stance of the 

  The site is located in an old city in Japan, where many private houses stand in a row. 
  The site size is 50m deep and 7.5m wide. 
  One of two narrow frontages faces a street and the other faces a river. 
  We designed a long wall that encloses this narrow and long site. The slits open this enclosure. 
  The 140mm wide slits screen inner privacy from outside views. But the slits bring 60 lights into the 
  house. This proposes one method to live in a dense residential area in Japan where houses stand 
  side by side. An 80 year-old woman lives in this house. 
  The house presents her both a life space with a  soft light and an interesting experience of scale 
  unlikely in a house.

  The slits make us more sensitive to light. The interior space is light beyond our expectations. 
  Light through the slits varies its appearance momentarily according to weather, season and time.
  The slits remind us our old experience in memory with poetic scenery. It looks like a stream of light 
  through Fusuma or Shoji in Japanese traditional architecture or a stream of light from a skylight of 
  ancient stone architecture.

  This architecture has a silent ambiance just as in the midst of a solitary jar and a poetic clearness 
  as in an endless spatiality. The slits hold the promise of an innovative design method of 


The Slit House has its own special time. 

  At dawn, watery light comes into the house through the slits, and makes the entire room faintly 

  At 9:30AM,sequence of the feeble light that reflects to header of slits appears. 

  At 10:30AM, the sunlight pierces through angled slits first. 

  At 11:00AM,the sunlight pierces through all the slits. 

  The sunlight through the slit and the reflected light on the header of the slit project 
  the stripe of V type through the long corridor. If you saw the repetition of this edgy light, you might 
  feel as if time of 11:00AM has stopped. 
  In as little as ten minutes, the reflected light on the header disappears. 
  The shape of the light that the slit makes changes from V type into one stripe. 
  The moments that the sun pierces through the angled slits and through the straight slits are 
  different. The angled slits get a little earlier. 
  The momentary time lag lets us feel a running of the sun and makes us sense the 
  upcoming time of the dusk.  And it shortens little by little. 
  And watery light fills the house again with soft brightness. 
  Then the night comes before long.

  Data「Slit House」 

  • Location:Shiga Japan
  • Site srea:346.90㎡
  • Total floor area:209.89㎡
  • Photographer:Koichi Torimura