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中村 安奈​
神野 太陽​
EASTERN design office

Anna Nakamura and Taiyo Jinno created EASTERN design office in Kyoto in 2003.


2003 First Place: International invited competition for Water Sports World of Haihe District Tianjin, China2


2004 Second Place: International invited competition for Urban Planning of Tianjin Development Zone, China


2004 Second Place: International invited competition for Wrestling Arena for The Olympics 2008 (China Agricultural University's Gymnasium) (Works for above-mentioned three competitions were done in collaboration with structure engineer, Mamoru Kawaguchi.)


2005 Slit House (Shiga, Japan)


2006 Villa Saitan (Kyoto, Japan)


2007 Horizontal House (Shiga, Japan)


2007 MON Factory/House (Kyoto, Japan)


2007 Stripes (Shiga, Japan)


2008 Slit Court (Kyoto, Japan)


2010 Mountain & Opening House (Takarazuka, Hyogo, Japan)

2010 A house awaiting death (Mie, Japan)


2011 Keyhole House (Kyoto, Japan)


2011 On the Corner (Shiga, Japan)


2011 WAF Awards, shortlisted in the House category (Spain)


2012 Step Tower(Osaka,Japan)


2012 Tower of Ring (Tianjin , China)


2014 Amemura building(Osaka,Japan)


2017 Over the valley  project(Hebel province ,China)


2017 M build (Kyoto, Japan)


2018 Kanoko building(Kyoto, Japan)


2019 Hotel Ninja Black(Kyoto, Japan)

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