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...about us in South America

Arch Daily  ( Chile )

【Step tower】【Tower of Ring】【Light Thread】 【On the Corner】

【Keyhole House】 【EASTERN design office】 【Mountain & Opening House】

Arch Daily Brazil  ( Brazil )

【Step tower】

Arquigrafia ( Argentina )

【Tower of Ring】 ( Mexico )

【Step tower】【Mon factory】


Pense Imoveis ( Brazil )

【On the Corner】


dossier de arquitectura (Peru)

【Mountain & Opening】 (Argentina)

【Tower of Ring】【On the Corner】 【Keyhole House】 

【A house awaiting death】 【Mountain & Opening House】 【Stripes】 【Slit Court】

plataforma arquitectura (Chile)
【Tower of Ring】【On the Corner】 【Slit House】 【Stripes】


Arch Daily (Mexico)

【Tower of Ring】


espacio blanco (Mexico)
【Slit Court】

maisarquitetura (Brazil)
【A house awaiting death】 【Mountain & Opening House】 【Slit Court】 【Villa SAITAN】

NYKYINEN (Argentina)
【A house awaiting death】【Slit house】

Materia Incognita (Brazil)
【On the Corner】

Planos de Casas Gratis (Mexico)
【Mon Factory】【On the Corner】【Slit House】

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