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▍ Seven Ponds  ▍ ( Swiss )

【 A house awating death 】


▍ iGNAT  ▍ ( Germany )

【 Top10 Urban homes - MON Factory / house 】


▍design (dot) fr  ▍ ( France )

【 A house awating death 】

▍ FRAME  ▍( Netherland )

【Top10 Japanese houses part2】【Best of Colour】【Top10 our most popular stories】【Top10 Japanese Houses】 【Keyhole House】 【On the Corner】


▍  ▍( Netherlands )

【Step tower】【T residence】【Tower of Ring】【MOSTIP】 【Slit Court】 【Subajin】 【On the Corner】 【Keyhole House】【Villa SAITAN , Mountain & Opening House , A house awaiting death】【GION】【Terrace House】


▍ Fubiz  ▍( France )

【Step tower】【On the Corner】 【EASTERN design office】

▍AA13  ▍( France )

【Step tower】【On the Corner】【Tower of Ring】


▍The laye r ▍( Montenegro )
【Step tower】【Mountain & Opnenig】【Horizontal house】【Keyhole house】【A House awaiting death】


【Step tower】【Tower of Ring】

▍ Leibel blog ▍( France )
【Step tower】


▍Paper blog ▍(Italy)NEW!!
【Mountain & Opnenig】【A House awaiting death】【Horizontal house】



【Tower of Ring】【Keyhole House】 【Slit House】

▍News building  ▍(Kosovo)NEW!!
【EASTERN design office】


▍Koreisha  ▍(Germany)NEW!!
【A House awaiting death】


▍pres S/T International  ▍(Italy)

【Mountain & Opening】


▍dsgnr studio ▍(Spain)

【Tower of Ring】


▍MINIMALISTI  ▍(Germany)

【Horizontal house】



【Tower of Ring】


▍Trendsnow ▍(France)

【Tower of Ring】【Mountain & Opening House】 【Slit House】


▍5000K ▍(France)

【Tower of Ring】


▍Open buildings ▍(Belgium)
【On the Corner】【A house awaiting death】【Mountain & Opening】【Slit house】【MON factory】【Tower of Ring】

▍emporis ▍(Germany)

【Tower of Ring】【Keyhole House】 【Slit House】


▍ ▍(France)
【Tower of Ring】【Slit House】 【Villa SAITAN】


▍  ▍(Belgium)

【Tower of Ring】【Horizontal House】


▍archilovers  ▍(Italy)

Tower of Ring】【T residence】 【A house awaiting death】【Villa Saitan】【Keyhole house】【On the Coner】【EASTERN design office】


Office et culture  (France)

【Tower of Ring】


▍Socializarq  ▍(Spain)

【Tower of Ring】


▍News Design List  ▍(Italy)
【Tower of Ring】


▍SQUA.RE ▍(France)

【Tower of Ring】



【Tower of Ring】


▍MOMA ▍(Greece)

【Tower of Ring】


▍Yatzer ▍(Greece)

【On the Corner】 【Keyhole House】 【2010 BEST OF THE BEST by Yatzer】 【Yatzer 2010 in pictures】【A house awaiting death】 【Mountain & Opening House】 【Slit House】 【MON Factory / House】 【Slit Court】


Archi.Travel (Greece)

【T residence】 【EASTERN design office】


▍journal du design ▍(France)

【Keyhole House】 【On the Corner】 【Slit House】


▍space ▍(Italy)

【Keyhole House】 【Mountain & Opening House】

project casa magazine (Portugal)

【On the Corner】


▍dailytonic ▍(Swiss)

【Mountain & Opening House】 【Horizontal House】



【MON Factory/house】 【Mountain & Opening House】 【EASTERN design office】


▍baunetz wissen  ▍(Germany)

【Keyhole House】


▍The Arch Hive  ▍(Netherlands)

【On the Corner】


▍archieurope ▍(Belgium)

【On the Corner】


▍Gentside ▍(France)

【On the Corner】


▍Studio5555 ▍(Germany)

【Slit House】


▍ ▍(Italy)

【Villa Saitan】 【A house awaiting death】


▍ ▍(Italy)

【A house awaiting death】


▍ ▍(Germany)

【Villa SAITAN】


▍diarioDESIGN ▍(Spain)

【Mountain & Opening House】


▍ ▍(Italy)

【Mountain & Opening House】


▍designer | ▍(Italy)

【Mountain & Opening House】


▍ ▍(Italy)

【A house awaiting death】 【Mountain & Opening House】


▍Baunetz Wissen Beton ▍(Germany)

【Slit house】


▍HOME dsgn ▍(Belgium)



▍Scoop it  ▍(France)

【On the Coner】【Stripes】


▍ ▍(Germany)

【On the Corner】


▍architeam ▍(Greece)



▍MORFAE ▍(Greece)

【A house awaiting death】 【Villa SAITAN】 【Mountain & Opening House】 【Stripes】 【Horizontal House】【Slit House】 ( Poland )
【Horizontal house】 【Slit house】


DESIGN or DESIGN ( Poland )
【Mountain & Opening】 【On the Corner】


Mooponto (Republic of Slovenia)
【MON Factory / house】 【Slit house】 【Keyhole house】 【Step tower】 【On the Corner】


Architectizm (Romania)

【Step tower】 【Tower of Ring】 (Poland)
【On the Corner】 【Slit house】


The owner builder network (Austria)
【On the Corner】


AMC Concept (Poland)
【On the Corner】 (Poland)
【Eastern design office】


Concrete architecture blog (Hungary)
【Mon factory / house】

archiweb (the Czech Republic)
【EASTERN design office】

GLAVNOE (Ukraine)
【Tower of Ring】


maxi (the Czech Republic)
【Mountain & Opening House】

Retail design blog (Hungary)

SZTUKA architektury (Poland)

KVADR INFO (Ukraine)
【Mountain & Opening】

EARCH.CZ (the Czech Republic)
【Slit House】 【A house awaiting death】

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