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Shiga, Japan


This is a portion of the moon,

a tip of a huge thing.

This is a shoe shop built in a huge shopping mall. Two big and small triangles are placed in a space of 9m x 12.5m x 4m. The triangles have the shape of the moon that is cut. There are two portions of the moon. Two triangles have some large and small craters same as the moon.

Shoes are displayed on the big triangle. They are placed as if an invisible man is enjoying a moonwalk.  An arrow tip shaped triangle is not floating, rather it is slightly touching on the ground with a tension as if it were to start moving.

One side of the entire wall is covered by a mirror, therefore the space seems enlarged twice, and the number of triangles may increase from two to three or four with the angle one looks into the space.  Moreover, the big triangle will change its form into a diamond.


Sneakers walking on the moon


24 craters are on a big triangle, and another 15 on a small one. Five different sizes of craters are used. They are like fireworks.  

They are designed like a mold of fireworks. The mold of fireworks should be a perfect ball shape made out of paper.  To display perfect radial fireworks to decorate a night sky, the mold into which gunpowder is charged should also be a perfect ball.  Therefore, many perfect globular forms are engraved into the triangle.

A tip of the triangle can be seen as a part of an iceberg.  It is only a portion. As the design encourages various ways of seeing the space, a tip of the iceberg represents a way of shop management in which many potentials are to be developed in the future.  Whether the space looks heavy or light is up to the people and how they see it.



Architect: Eastern Design Office

Location: Shiga, Japan

Completion: 2008


Total floor area: 113.70m2

Photographer: Koichi Torimura

Constructor: Daihohiiragi Co., Ltd

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